Sunday 9th april 2017

Celebrate, because seen frequently for a long time by the pilgrims who, from stage to stage go to Compostelle, St Jacques’s Way since Vézelay became a route of full ride, very traveled since the completion of its plan during 2000s by the FFRP under the shape of the GR654.

Pérégrine Jacquaire offers you the possibility of making a stage at your convenience on this GR, by choosing among several places of depart, since The Subterranean and Bénévent the Abbey, and two places of arrival: the Subterranean or Eguzon, situated further north, in Indre. With the (optional) system of departure in shuttle you will have the satisfaction ” to grow farther ” and ” to travel around ” just like a pilgrim!

Between Limousin and Berry, in the borders of the Pays d’Oïl and Oc, in the threshold of Paris Basin and of Massif Central, measure the way of Compostelle the time of a ride and make stamp your crédencial according to your progress, by taking advantage of provisionings, and especially of magnificent landscapes and curiosities which enamel the route.

The touring on the way of Santiago de Compostela promises discoveries, meetings and user-friendliness. It is also synonym for solidarity and for sharing. For this new edition, it is these identical values that Pérégrine Jacquaire both with the participants and within his organization well intends to convey.

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