Saint-Etienne church

Church of neo-gothic style , built by Alfred Dauvergne between 1857 and 1859. It replaced the old church which was located near the cemetery . Off limits because of damage in 1853. After the ban, a temporary temple was built on the Place des Halles ( current location of the church St Etienne ) . In 1856 the decision was taken to destroy the old church and build the new temple of worship on the square.

Saint-Antoine-deChantôme church

It is 3 kilometers from the village , in the hamlet of Chantôme you find this church. It was part of a priory , and was built in the XIIth by Augustinian monks. The old cemetery that adjoined the church remains the wayside a slab topped by a small stone cross.

Notre-Dame-des-Lumières chapel, Chambon


Notre-Dame-de-Gargilesse church

At the top of a rocky outcrop, the Notre Dame, with its square tower is the landmark of Gargilesse. Pearl of Romanesque art in Berry , this former chapel cadastral nearly 120 carved capitals . Under the bed is a vast crypt with arches decorated with an impressive set of dated murals of the late twelfth to the sixteenth century . See also in the crypt a remarkable statue of the Virgin in polychrome wood of the XII century.

Saint-Pierre-de-Dampierre church

Five kilometers from the town of Gargilesse , in the village of Dampierre is a Romanesque church of the XII century with its steeple covered in chestnut shingles . This small church is listed on the Inventory of Historic Monuments since 1932 .


Saint-Germain church

The church is mentioned as Baraize dependence of the Abbey Notre Dame de Déols since 1115. The current building dedicated to St Germain was heavily restored in 1890 . The whole ship / choir is rectangular and has two side chapels , one , that of the south is dedicated to St Cloud.


Saint-Saturnin church

This parish church, whose oldest parts date from the thirteenth century, depended on the Abbey Deols. It is listed on the Inventory of Historical Monuments as an annex chapel since 1954. Its bell tower is covered in chestnut shingles , and in front of the church is an ancient baptismal font.

Villarnoux chapel

In medieval times, there was a small chapel attached to a castle. Around 1660, when it was destroyed, they began the work to build the current chapel. It is a modest building with tiled roof, topped by a spire covered with slate. This building houses a large painting from 1652 depicting the Madonna with the infant Jesus , with his feet a Knight of Malta.


Saint-Etienne-de-Cuzion church

Former dependency of the Abbey of Déols, the Saint- Etienne Cuzion is quoted from 1115. The building is dominated by a square tower which houses a bell dating from 1515. It is reached by a scenic outer scale.

Saint-Luc-de-Bonnu chapel

St. Luke chapel Bonnu was founded in 1632 following an outbreak of plague. 200 meters south of the church is St. Luke fountain. Every October, a pilgrimage takes place to bring children under the protection of St. Luke, and thus preserve the disease and fear.


Saint-Denis-du-Pin church

The Church of St. Denis du Pin, the first stone was laid in 1200, was a large parish in the Middle Ages with a priory of the Abbey Deols. Gargilesse and Badecon were attached to it. Note that in May 1782 the bell tower and the roof of the nave were destroyed by a tornado ; it was repaired and returned to worship in 1806.

Sainte-Solange church, Badecon

Before the Revolution , the village of Badecon was attached to the parish of the Pine. First chapel in the sixteenth century it became church between 1873 and 1877 on plans by architect Alfred Dauvergne . Romanesque Revival style , the gate tower that rises on the facade houses a large bell and a smaller one from the former chapel.

Saint Plantaire

Saint-Pantaléon church

In the town center, St. Pantaleon Church twelfth and nineteenth centuries presents an interesting furniture : the painted canvas depicting the Beheading of Saint Pantaleon and the altarpiece of the same period in painted and gilded. The church also contains wooden statues of St. Baptist and Saint Fiacre.

Fer chapel

Three kilometers from the village is a small chapel with the purified architecture gives no clue to its age. Neither tower nor porch, no ornament or statue, it looks more like a barn than a chapel. They say it was built following a vow to protect livestock diseases . The Holy Plantar festival committee organizes entertainment for the St. John for several years.


Saint-Etienne church

This Romanesque church dates from the twelfth century. North chapel, which serves as sacristy is the fifteenth century. The church has been classified a historical monument by decree of April 8, 1933.


Saint-Julien church

Church Saint -Julien Brioude ( XII -XV ), with interesting statues including that of St. Julien, represented in armor, dated sixteenth century. On the outer wall, one can see a low relief work of Auguste Rodin, in homage to Maurice Rollinat, but it is not signed, the artist was not paid for this order.

Saint-Gilles-des-Forges chapel

Dedicated to Saint Gilles , the chapel dates from the fifteenth century. It has a paneled ceiling , painted and decorated with medallions representing the Litany of the Virgin.


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