Boucle du Pin viewpoint, Ceaulmont

South of Argenton, the granite valley of the Creuse, at Ceaulmont and Badecon-le-Pin, describes a loop around a cultivated terrace that descends from the village to the river. The ” Loop Pin ” is one of the most picturesque natural and the most remarkable of the department and it is for this reason that it was dropped. These accentuated gorges, deeply cutting into the surrounding plateaus, have great originality in slightly pronounced relief to the department.

It has also great interest from the archaeological point of view. Indeed, in prehistoric times a fortified camp was established there. It jalonnait towards export flint Grand Pressigny along the Creuse valley to the east of France.

Le Rocher des Fileuses, Saint-Plantaire

Overlooking the valley of the Creuse, the steep cliffs of the rock of the spinner offer a breathtaking view of the confluence of the hollow and Sédelle and the fortress of Crozant .

Privileged place of the painters of the school of Crozant , the rock of the spinner will also delight climbing lovers and hikers , due to its location on the GR countries of Val de Creuse. The name of the Spinners Rock are due to an ancient local custom that wanted every year on the first day of May , all pastourelles age to marry delivered a kind of jousting. Sitting at the edge of the cliffs , the game was spinning quite resistant wool yarn to touch the water of the river, but also quite fine for a wrist shot, to turn the time back to it in the hand of the shepherdess . The winner was offered a dowry by the lord of Crozant.

Dam of the belvedere, Cuzion

Passing the Bridge of Piles, towards Gargilesse , you are given the choice : the right to go to the foot of the dam Eguzon , the reception point ; or left to go to the viewpoint of the dam. Accessible by car or on foot , you can admire the splendid panorama offered by the dam and the lake Eguzon .

The viewpoint of the Church of St Saturnin, Ceaulmont

The gazebo near the church offers an exceptional view of the Valley of the Creuse and the Boucle du Pin marveled that George Sand. Walking along the small town church to access the lookout in a green setting where the filmmaker Georges Wilson turned in 1989 film The Wyvern . This classified sensitive natural area , is considered among the most picturesque of the department and the Centre region: ” We find Gargantua spanning the vast and magnificent ravine where the river rushes between the bell tower of the Pine and of Ceaulmont planted on the edges the steep abyss. ” G.Sand ” The rustic legends “


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